As a mother, I will never give up on my child. As a mother of a child who has autism, I will never give up hope.
I look into his eyes and I see all the potential that he has to offer to this beautiful world and I just know that one day the world can see what I see.

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Annual Ornaments

You can expect a lot of Christmas blogs throughout December. Daniel and I are both December babies, and we are big fans of the holiday season. Today I wanted to tell you about one of the traditions that I grew up with and have passed down to my family: Starting an ornament collection for Bryce. We buy a tree ornament every year for him.

Sometimes the ornament tells a story, or it’s something from that year that Bryce really enjoyed, whatever the reason, each ornament means something special to us, and we hope that it continues to be something special for Bryce as he gets older, enough for him to pass it onto his family.

Do you buy an ornament every year? What’s your favourite ornament? Like us on Facebook and tell us about it on our page.

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