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Monday, May 23, 2011

Getting Down and Dirty (again)

It’s that time of year (again), one we dread and put off for days, sometimes months: Gardening!

It’s a long weekend for us and we didn’t have any plans, and when the weather report of rain all weekend long turned into sunshine out of no where, we took that as a sign to get some outside chores done. Neither of us have a green thumb, and when it comes to gardening, we usually let the pros take over. (Daniel’s dad is an avid gardener and helped us tremendously last year.) However, this year, he wasn’t available.

So Daniel and Bryce started to dig up our garden of weeds and see what survived the Vancouver winter and assess the situation. It turns out that the flowers we got last year were mostly perennials which means they have a short life span, so we headed to Walmart again and picked up a bunch of colourful annuals and a couple of rose bushes.

Bryce was in charge of adding top soil to all the new plants. It was the cleanest job we could give him as he’s not a big fan of getting dirty but we wanted to involve him as much as he could handle. He was very helpful and had a smile on the whole day.

We also wanted Bryce to have an area of our garden that would be all his and he could take care of it himself. When we were at Walmart we picked up a couple more flower pots and Bryce picked out his own flowers. It’s Bryce little garden.

Daniel can’t help but laugh at what our garden looked like before, and what it looks like now. It’s a huge improvement don’t you think?

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  1. Gosh that's pretty! I love Daniel's garden. Trace hates getting dirty as well. I have mud in my backyard and we want to build a deck and put in grass but are trying to figure out how to fund it. Who would've thought backyard maintenance cost so much lol.

    Love the pics BTW

  2. @Jodi Shaw We have to get a couple more bags of that brown garden cover thingie as we used all of them on the garden/patio we created on the other side, but thanks, I think it looks incredible considering we had no idea what we were doing. I said to Daniel we should 'maintain' it every couple of weeks or months whenever weeds pop out so we don't have a repeat for the third time! lol And yes, it's ridiculous how a couple of $2 flowers add up just to make your garden look appealing! Love the results though and my favourite part is Bryce's garden. It's so simple and clean and will be the easiest of all to maintain. :) Oh and thanks for liking our pictures. I wasn't much help to the boys and all the labour they did, so my job was to take pictures lol


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