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Monday, June 13, 2011

App Party Hangover

If I see another alpha numerical app promotional redeem code again it’ll be too soon... unless it’s on our wish list, then I can make an exception. ;)

I’m recovering from a hangover! I attended a 3 day long app party this past weekend that was hosted by Gary James of Apps for Children with Special Needs (a4cwsn) on their Facebook page, where over $10,000 worth of special needs and educational apps from some of the top app developers in the world were given away for free!

The majority of apps were given out by promo codes posted on their Facebook wall that you’d have to copy and redeem in iTunes. Some would be fake (cruel, eh? hehe), and some would be real. You’d have maybe a minute for a chance to get that app. It was intense, very exhausting, and drained me completely, as it was the longest three days in my life! I loved every second of it.

As the event progressed, I noticed a lot of people asking questions like wanting to know how to redeem the codes, how to copy and paste the codes, etc, so I decided to write up a little message of ‘Common a4cwsn’s app party questions ANSWERED+Tips’ that I posted on the wall every now and then to help people out. After awhile I was dubbed by someone (you know who you are hehe) as ‘the secretary’ for a4cwsn and it sorta stuck for the remainder of the event. I continued to post these little messages throughout the whole weekend.

Just to clarify though, I wasn’t affiliated with a4cwsn or anything. I was just another parent who joined a4cwsn’s Facebook page not even a week prior to and were there at the app party for the very same reasons as everyone else. But I’m glad that I could help.

I even had the privilege of being part of the giveaway action as my ‘boss’, a4cwsn, gave me a task: “I would like to give my secretary a job to do, Tanaya, if you are up for it, please head over to Ruckus Media FB Page and pick 10 names from the a4cwsn group and post them back on here, they will win a copy of Spot the Dot.” It was very nerve racking to say the least, but I was very grateful for the opportunity. Hope ya’ll are enjoying the app.

As the party was coming to an end, a4cwsn surprised me again: “Tenaya, thank you for helping, we had our differences and we had our good times, but overall you were an amazing help to so many, which is what this is all about. Please put together a list of any Apps on iTunes that you would like up to $100 and email it to me, I will gift them to you and your Son. xo”

I was speechless! In fact, my reply was: “For once in my life.... SPEECHLESS”. I really didn’t know what to say. I didn’t expect anything for posting helpful notes, nor was I doing it in hopes of getting anything more than maybe a ‘thank you’ here and there. It was insane! After a few deep breaths I was able to respond more appreciatively: “Ok, I can talk now... Thank you so much! But you spelled my name wrong dammit. But I still ♥ you. SERIOUSLY THANK YOU. I thank you, my son thanks you, my husband would probably pound fists or something. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

And I’ll say it again... Thank you, Gary!

I walked away from the event with a ton of knowledge about apps, friendships with a handful of people I’d totally invite over for dinner any day of the week, and a better appreciation for app developers. Up until that weekend, I never really noticed the developers names, just the apps and the reviews. Without these people, there wouldn’t be apps, let alone apps for our kids, and really, they deserve a big thank you, too! So thank you app developers!

Thanks for reading,
Tanaya, the secretary ;)


  1. Jealous! If you have any super *must have* apps to recommend let us know!

  2. Wow that's fantastic girl! I wish I'd known I would have been there with bells on, Trace loves using the iphone to learn and help him. That's so great you got rewarded for just being you - always nice eh :)

  3. @Gaynell I'm debating on listing all the apps we do have or not. There is a handful that I'd totally recommend for sure! Probably won't be doing any reviews, just maybe some mentions here and there.

  4. @jodi shaw Awww Jodi! Sorry! I was posting it all over our Facebook and Twitter though! Mark it on your calendar... sometime in October, next a4cwsn App Party - expected to be BIGGER! Hope you will be there! I'll remind you even!

  5. Poop, I missed it too! i could use free apps. my husband gets annoyed because i buy apps without thinking of the cost. By the way First Words and Tappy Tunes are favorites in our house.

  6. @NT MOM We JUST won FirstWords: Deluxe and super thrilled as it was on our wishlist forever. Can't wait to explore the possibilities with that one! Tappy Tunes looks cute!


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