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I look into his eyes and I see all the potential that he has to offer to this beautiful world and I just know that one day the world can see what I see.

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

A few of his favourite things

I wanted to share Bryce’s top 5 favourite things that he must-have around him at all time (well, for now).

1.) An Olympic Torch – Bryce will carry a homemade torch with him everywhere. It’s the kind the torch carriers held during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. This becomes his best friend. It is made out of a couple paper towel rolls, some hockey tape, and a piece of paper coloured in and cut like a flame. Bryce made it himself.

2.) Magna Doodle – Bryce loves to draw. This Toy Story 3 Magna Doodle was a gift from his uncle and aunt from Christmas last year. As you can tell, it’s seen better days. Bryce tends to chew on the string attached to the pen. He even cracked open the pen from chewing on it and the magnet piece fell out. Thankfully we were able to fix it with some hockey tape, which if you haven’t guessed it by now, is our quick ‘duct tape’ fix in this household. We are working on getting another Magna Doodle, but for some reason, a decent size drawing board of a Magna Doodle isn’t easy to find. The original Magna Doodle was perfect, but that’s also hard to come by.

3.) Blanket – I think this blanket was a wedding gift handmade by Daniel’s aunt. It’s also the second blanket Bryce has ever known. He absolutely loves it. It goes with him around the house as if it was his shadow and he will wrap himself in it saying, “Blankie, nice and warm,” even on the hottest days. It’s been chewed on, like everything else he owns, and it has a pretty little hole in the middle of it. He absolutely loves it though.

4.) Bubble Blowers – I know what you’re thinking. Why is bubbles, coming from a family who named their blog, Bubbles Make Him Smile, 4th on the list? I can explain! If the bubble blowers were an indoor activity, it would be first on the list, I promise. These guys, (always has to be two of them, with pink solution containers) sit on the corner of his little desk in his bedroom when they are not in use. When we’re out and about he’ll bring them. Needless to say we always have to have bubble solution in stock. Hey, bubble solution companies, feel free to contact us any time, eh? hehe

5.) Wii Sports Boxing – Last but not least is the boxing game from Wii Sports. He loves, loves, loves the boxing ring. I have no idea why. He is fascinated with it though. If he’s not playing the game, he’s watching videos on YouTube of people playing it. He draws it on his magna doodle, makes a boxing ring with Mega Bloks, or rolls up pieces of paper to form the ring. It’s something he plays at least once a day and he will sit their and just play it. It’s not for the violence, or the whole fighting part of it. He likes the boxing ring itself. After the fight is over it sort of slowly rotates around the boxing ring and you can catch him easily watching this part of the game for hours. I don’t know what it is, but there’s just something about the boxing ring. Who knows?

If their was a #6, it would be his iPad, which we were able to get thanks to your generous donations. It didn’t make the top 5 list because it’s more of an educational tool than it is a toy for him, but it is something that I think is one of his favourite things.

Oh and he still loves his Nintendo DSi. It would make the top 10 list.

So what is your child’s must-have with them at all time favourite thing?

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  1. I find it intriguing that Bryce enjoys boxing. What a cutie.

    My son doesn't have to have certain things with him all of the time, just different things for different places. For example- he has to have his "bee hat" if he is outdoors for a long period of time and his backpack when he goes to his Day Program.

  2. For my grandson Eric, it would definately have to be the bubbles, which is why I so love your blog. Bryce and he share some similiarities (sp?) including the new i-pad for educational use. The second thing would be his dad's laptop which he can use like a pro to find his favorite videos. The third would be his suncscreen and swimsuit because if there is water around, he is in it.

    Eric's Grandma


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