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I look into his eyes and I see all the potential that he has to offer to this beautiful world and I just know that one day the world can see what I see.

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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Shout-Out to the Terminal City Rollergirls

Sending out a shout-out and big thank you to the Terminal City Rollergirls (TCRG) for inviting our family to your roller derby event and for your contributions that you are making to the autism community!

Terminal City Rollergirls

Another special thanks to “Pretty Painful” of Public Frenemy of TCRG who got us tickets to their event. Thanks so much!

A little back story: “Pretty Painful” noticed our bubbles at Canada Day for Canada Place and while we spoke briefly, she mentioned her league would be participating in the Walk Now for Autism event this year. We had no intentions of participating this year, but I remember thinking it’s really great that the community is getting more involved every year.

She later contacted us on our website interested in getting one of our bubble blowers and after corresponding back and forth in emails, we learned more about her and that she was a member and skater for the Terminal City Rollergirls and as part of the Community Service Committee that they’d be fundraising for Autism Speaks Canada for their upcoming bout on August 13th. She also mentioned that they would also be participating in the Vancouver Gay Pride Parade, too.

She continued saying that she was thinking they might be able to work with us or at the very least get us tickets to their roller derby event and if we were interested to let her know. She even went above and beyond seeing if it was possible for us to be able to sell our bubble blowers at the event. Never had gone to a roller derby before, and of course not going to pass up her generousity, we accepted immediately!

So Bryce got to meet “Pretty Painful” (who we think is pretty awesome). We also stopped by the Walk Now for Autism Speaks booth they had set up there. The woman running the booth has a daughter on the spectrum (which, always seems to be a huge deal to me for some reason, as most of our interactions with people who love someone on the spectrum is usually online.) She gave us some rub on tattoos (and a couple for my cheeks, hehe), an Autism Speaks car magnet, and generously upgraded our invite to free V.I.P. seating passes, which they were selling to raise funds for TEAM TCRG for the Walk Now for Autism Speaks event this year.

I personally believe everything happens for a reason. It was just really inspiring how everything just happened the way it did. Inspired by “Pretty Painful” and Terminal City Rollergirls extreme generousity towards us and giving their time to the autism community, we have decided that this year we will be participating in the Walk Now for Autism Speaks event as well and to not take away from Team TCRG and their fundraising efforts, we’ll tell ya about that in another blog. :)

Thank you again TCRG and “Pretty Painful”! We really did have a great time and wish you tons of success!

Thanks for reading,
Bryce, Tanaya, and Daniel

Oh, and incase you were wondering, Public Frenemy totally squashed the competition!

About Public Frenemy:

Public Frenemy

The new crew in town with a hip hop theme.
The colours they wear are bright orange and green

A Frenemy is an enemy who acts like your friend.
By keeping your enemies closer this team will transcend.

Straight from the Roller rink to Terminal City,
These girls are sassy and street, while always lookin’ pretty.

They’re jokesters but they skate with style and skills.
Guaranteed if you’re up against them, they’ll give you the chills.

To their fans they are Public Frenemy #1.
With mean hits and crazy footwork, they’re always having fun.

Next season the other teams will be in shock,
Cause this team isn’t another Jenny from the block.

With the beats from the boom box of real hip hop,
Watch all as Public Frenemy rises to the top!

Know your Frenemy!!

For more information about Terminal City Rollergirls or Public Frenemy, please visit this website:

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