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Friday, March 15, 2013

So far so good!

We got Bryce’s second report card from his new school today. A lot of it looks familiar comparing it with his first report card, but we know he’s made progress and we couldn’t be more proud of him!

Just a reminder: Bryce doesn’t get letter grades. He will never get the standard ‘A’ or ‘B’ grade to identify his performance. In the past, his report cards would be notes just reflecting and referring to his Individual Education Plan (IEP), which was a great way to see what progress Bryce made and what we needed to work on.

This report describes Bryce’s learning progress based on prescribed learning outcomes for each grade level. It is intended to inform about learning successes and to guide improvement efforts when needed.

Bryce got G’s again for Language Arts (Reading, Writing, and Oral Language), Mathematics, Science, Physical Education, Fine Arts, Music, Health and Career Education. ‘G’ is for Good, which is the ‘highest’ Individual Effort letter grade.

Here’s a breakdown of what ‘G’ represents:

Responsibility: All assignments turned in on time; student is ready to work and learn.
Cooperation: Works well with other students and teacher(s)
Independence: Self-directed learner, takes appropriate initiative

Bryce got MR (Meeting Requirements) again in Daily Physical Activity.

Since ‘G’ is the highest grade he can get, I guess you could say it’s just like getting an ‘A’. I have mentioned before how I am not a fan of letter grades in any form as it just summarizes a students progress and it is too generalized and non-specific. I really enjoy getting Bryce’s report cards though because it gives me a way better understanding on how Bryce is doing in school. His report card continues:

Structured Written Comments on Behaviour, including information on attitudes, work habits, effort, and social responsibility:

Bryce has continued to make excellent progress this term. He is well liked by all his peers, and he enjoys interacting with them throughout the day. He continues to be very cooperative and to be able to stay focused on tasks for extended periods of time.

The comments below reflect the progress Bryce has made this term in relation to the goals set out in his IEP. What Bryce is able to do:

  • sight words A, and away, big & blue in groups of 3 per time
  • one to one correspondence, give me #1, 2 & 3
  • letter sounds A-Z
  • sequencing the Tree & Ladybug story using words first, then, next & last (watch the video here)
  • #1-15 matching, counting forwards, backwards (watch the video here), sequencing & expressive
  • knows all classmates names (receptive & expressive)
  • daily living skills (bathroom & brushing teeth)

The areas requiring further attention or development and goals we are working on:

  • doing all sight words together (A, and, away, blue & big)
  • one to one correspondence #4
  • sequencing the Butterfly story
  • #16-20 matching, counting forwards, backwards, sequencing & expressive
  • finding out about someone (using sentences)
  • topical conversation again using sentences
  • using sentences & own words when asking for something
  • under / on & in / out

Ways to support learning at home and at school. Parents can help with at home:

  • get Bryce to sound out words
  • get Bryce to ask for things even though you know what he wants
  • putting the cutlery away
  • play games on the iPad (sorting, letters, etc)
  • asking Bryce if the cup is under or on the table for example
  • non identical sorting

So far so good!

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