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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pee is for Problem.

Bryce started peeing his pants.

We’re not talking ‘accidents’. We’re talking flat out, doesn’t want to do what he’s told, didn’t get his way, engaged in something and doesn’t want to stop to use the bathroom, going through a half a dozen pairs of underwear a day, full blown peeing his pants on demand incidences.

I have no idea why he is peeing his pants but it only happens at home when we tell him something that he doesn’t want to do.

We tell him it’s bed time and he’d pee his pants.

We tell him he has to stop doing something and he’d pee his pants.

We tell him it’s time to go somewhere and he’d pee his pants.

We have resorted to taking him to the bathroom before we tell him anything so he can’t pee his pants.

My first thought was that he was doing it for attention but we give him so much attention that it just couldn’t possibly be that. Then I thought about it more. Maybe it was for the attention. Like a game.

The first time it happened he was getting into bed and I noticed his underwear was wet and I said, “Bryce! Did you go pee-pee?” and he said, “No, pee-pee pants bad. Stay dry.” I said, “Take it off and get new underwear.” He’d take it off and go get another pair and repeat, “Take off, get new underwear.”

The next time it happened he was getting ready for bed and I noticed but before I could say anything he said something like, “Sorry. No pee pee. Stay dry. Take off, get new underwear.”

It was almost scripted.

I have no idea how to make it stop other than trying to prevent it. Any thoughts?

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