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I look into his eyes and I see all the potential that he has to offer to this beautiful world and I just know that one day the world can see what I see.

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

The dentist makes him smile

Today Bryce had his first teeth cleaning and did absolutely amazing from start to finish including perfect X-rays on the first try!

I forgot to bring my phone to take pictures during his appointment, but he completely surprised me staying super still for x-rays and didn’t even have a problem with the awkwardness of the grape flavoured flouride trays.

My dentist is great and I’ve been going to him for years. He is really patient and thorough. His lovely assistant who cleaned Bryce teeth was also very patient and told Bryce everything she was going to do, making it fun, and to fit his level of comfort.

I made a social story using i Create... Social Skills Stories app by i Get It! Apps to help prepare Bryce for his first teeth cleaning dentist appointment. You can customize everything from text to images, and even record your voice to add to the social story.

I took pictures of the dentists office, the chair he’d be sitting in, and used pictures I found online of teeth and teeth cleaning to add to the story.

March 26th, 2015-02

March 26th, 2015-03

Great first teeth cleaning experience! We even got to take two cavities home as souvenirs Winking smile but otherwise, all smiles!

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This post wasn’t intended to promote this app, but I definitely have to give them credit as this app helped make Bryce’s dentist appointment go smoothly. I really am a huge supporter of I Get It! apps! They have a wide variety and range of apps that are completely customizable and designed to support language skills development using real photo books.

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About I Get It! apps

I Get It! applications are designed to support language skill development by offering real photos books that are age respectful to the user.

Language skills, including vocabulary, sentence structure and social skills, are the foundation of understanding and expressing ideas with others. Weaknesses in language abilities affect listening, learning, and communicating.

i Get It! applications are designed to facilitate cognitive growth through building language skills.

i Get It! is dedicated to developing educational applications that can be utilized by diverse populations. Each app is designed for all ages with real photo books for contextual support, personalized text options for visual support and recordable audio capabilities for auditory support. However the user may easily modify the samples or create their own pages to customize the app for their student/child’s individual learning needs.

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