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Monday, March 29, 2010

Autism - There's an app for that!

I'm a huge iTunes fan. HUGE! I love the technology that is behind all the products, and I love the insane amount of apps you can get for free! The first app I ever downloaded was myLighter, 'Fun for parties, rock concerts, and even entertaining the kids. See the flame but never get burned with your own iPhone or iPod touch lighter'. I was sold, even if it was free, and barely used. Since that day, I've been sucker for free apps.

Awhile ago I was searching my iTouch for apps when I came across the Autism Test. Yup, autism, there's an app for that! 'Have you ever wondered if you, your child, or someone you know is on the Autism spectrum? Now you can.'

Now I was skeptical at downloading this app, even if it was free. I mean, it took a month of testing and doctor visits before Bryce received his diagnosis, and now you're telling me a bunch of questions is going to give me the same results? So, of course I had to see for myself.

After answering just under 40 questions (which knowing what I know now, are really great questions to be asking) and answering very truthfully to get an accurate conclusion, here were my results:

I knew it! Ok, ok, I know, it's not a diagnosis, but it's still something I can smile at. They do make a note on the app website stating that '... AutismTest is NOT a definitive answer to having ASD. These tests have extensively been researched ... and have shown that there is a clear link between the score of this test and an actual diagnosis. But again a high score doest NOT definitively suggest you have ASD.'

According to the details about the app, 'this test ... is used in many places for online screening.' Many places?? Online screening!?? Seriously? No offense to the developers, but I hope we haven't reached a point in this day and age where we no longer feel the need to see a doctor and trust the Internet to give us our answers.

If you're a parent or a friend of somebody who you think may be on the autism spectrum, please, go see your doctor. Early identification is key to intervention. I can't even begin to imagine how many people have taken that online test. Can you imagine how many children haven't been diagnosed? What if the numbers of 1 in 91 were actually higher?

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  1. think i may get my husband to have a look at this test ~ both my boys are on the spectum (one diagnosed, the other waiting for one) ~but my husband???? LOL
    i have just found your site and have become a follower ~thanks for starting this informative sight ~where~ever we live in the world we are all living with some one with love with autism ~and on the same journey!!
    vanessa xx

  2. @nessy Welcome, Vanessa and thanks for joining. We're glad you enjoy our site. I can't say what the test results are going to be for your husband, but there is not enough tests in the world to find out what goes on in the head of a man! :P hehe


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