As a mother, I will never give up on my child. As a mother of a child who has autism, I will never give up hope.
I look into his eyes and I see all the potential that he has to offer to this beautiful world and I just know that one day the world can see what I see.

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Month of Hope

Tomorrow is April 1st, the beginning of a month full of autism awareness in the United States and across the world, a month of hope.

I hope the world makes an incredible fashion statement wearing multi-coloured clothing to represent the autism ribbon in support of autism awareness throughout the month of April.

Put on the Puzzle! The Autism Awareness Puzzle Ribbon is the most recognized symbol of the autism community in the world. Autism prevalence is now one in every 110 children in America - that’s 13 million families and growing who live with autism today. Show your support for people with autism by wearing the Autism Awareness Puzzle Ribbon this month – as a pin on your shirt, a magnet on your car, a badge on your blog, or even your Facebook profile picture - and educate folks on the potential of people with autism! For suggestions, resources and graphics, visit

Autism Awareness

I hope the world opens their hearts and wallets and donate towards research and organizations so we can better understand autism.

Donate to Autism Society of British Columbia
Donate to Autism Society of Canada
Donate to Autism Society of America

And lastly, I hope the world stands up for autism.

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