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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

An Endless Debate: The Aftermath

“Aftermath: the consequences of a catastrophic event”

Since the airing of The Vaccine War it was discovered that half the story was not told. Jenny McCarthy states in her blog on The Huffington Post:

Jenny McCarthy“When the producers of PBS's Frontline approached me to be interviewed for their new documentary "The Vaccine War," I accepted with a simple condition: doctors and scientists on our side of the vaccine-autism debate needed to have a voice, too.”

Frontline’s response to McCarthy was:

"Frontline will carry out a detailed and even-handed investigation including voices from all sides of the controversy including parents, activists, physicians, scientists, lawyers, politicians and vaccine manufacturers."

Read the full story here.

Like I said in my last blog, I don’t know what causes autism. I do know that it’s treatable. It just really saddens me that PBS’s Frontline, for whatever reason, felt the need to cut out the other side of the story, which is against vaccinations and the connection with autism, especially since it’s still Autism Awareness Month!

With that said, I’m glad this was televised and being talked about as it’s the only thing I’ve seen any media coverage regarding autism this month, aside from Holly Robinson Peete appearing on Celebrity Apprentice.

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