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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Autism Creations revisited

April is autism awareness month, but really, autism awareness should be everyday!

Two months ago we told you about Autism Creations, a place where people can go to enjoy and snag autism/aspergers awareness tags and have personal tags made for themselves and their loved ones. Creative, inspiring, and powerful sayings combined with beautiful colours that bring the words to life, and takes autism awareness to a whole other level.

Autism Creations

Autism Creations has successfully turned into a couple of ‘snags and tags’ to now thousands of people showcasing their artwork and spreading autism awareness. Autism Creations was created by MCM Creations who was inspired and motivated to create autism tags from her my own boys. They both have autism and are non verbal and very low-functioning. As she met many more parents both on Facebook and through the school system she realized just how common autism had become. She had been playing around with the idea for creating tags for a while, but it wasn’t until early this year when she really started working on making them.

Her more recent snag and tag collections include the “You mess with me” series which showcases bullying awareness to children with autism, and a series dedicated to increasing awareness of autism and aspergers wandering.

My friend has autism. Mess with her, you mess with me!

Drowning is the leading cause of deaths in children with autism and aspergers. This is caused by wandering. 92 percent of children with autism and aspergers wander.

And while the basics for Autism Creations messages do surround autism, it is definitely not limited to that. As each and every child with autism is unique and different, each and every tag is the same and can be personalized and customized and made, for the most part, how you would like it. MCM Creations also accepts requests, suggestions, ideas, and feedback.

Autism is 1 in 100. My mommy says I'm one in a million.

When we last spoke with the founder of Autism Creations, they were just shy of 800 members, and now, just months later, are just shy of 2,000 members. With their rapid success and great messages they promote, we wanted to follow up on them and see what was new.

Here is the update:

What are your top 3 most requested tags?

As of now [November 29th, 2010] the “Snowmen Family”. In the past, the “Someone with autism holds the key to my heart” was a big hit, so I keep that open for the new fans. The “Ribbon Name”, and the “Prince/Princess” offers have been popular.

Someone with autism holds the key to my heart

Ribbon Name



You recently added a couple of new members to the creative team, can you tell us about them and what they bring to Autism Creations?

Yes, Tina and Sue are great! They have their own unique sayings and tag ideas, and I’m glad to have them as a part of Autism Creations. Tina also has her own site on Facebook: Autiepoet's Inspirations & Creations .

You have opened the idea of creating tags outside of autism, what other types of tags are you creating/accepting to make?

Yes. I’m slowly working on other awareness, thanks to some fans who have giving me some info, it has been more easier to do so. So far I have Autism, Aspergers, PDD-NOS, Autism & Down Syndrome (also known as DX) Autism and Bipolar, Tourette Syndrome, some with ADHD, Epilepsy and Cerebral Palsy. Some of these can go hand in hand with Autism.

Can you share with us some ideas and concepts you have in store for 2011?

I have some ideas, nothing big yet. A few more “themes” in the works for next year. Also I’ve been thinking a lot about the “Super Tags.” I started posting the Super Tags on Artists and Autism and they were a huge hit, so that’s when I started Autism Creations with the support of friends. Now that I’m opening up to more than just autism I would like to start working on them after the new year. Also, I would like to look for someone who would be willing to post a few helpful notes a week for the fans. This was my plan from the start but now it’s gotten hard to do the research needed.

Super Autism Mom

Thank you for taking the time to tell us what’s new with Autism Creations. We wish you continued success! Is there anything else you’d like to add?

I would also like to add a HUGE thank you to all the fans for making Autism Creations the site that it is. Your love and support is much appreciated.

We are big fans of Autism Creations, and admire their dedication on promoting autism awareness through tags and snags. In the end these are more than just pictures. These are the voices our children may not have. These are the things we want to say, but may not know how to say. From serious, profound, advocating, and all together inspiring tags to fun holiday project cut outs, craft ideas, and quirky quotes, there is a a little something for everyone and a message to share: Autism Awareness.

Thanks for reading,


  1. Love it and well writen!!! Thanks so much for this!

    Michelle aka~ MCM@Autism Creations

  2. Thanks for making a difference, way to go!

  3. thank you for writing this! It means alot to my sister n the family :) Stacey


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