As a mother, I will never give up on my child. As a mother of a child who has autism, I will never give up hope.
I look into his eyes and I see all the potential that he has to offer to this beautiful world and I just know that one day the world can see what I see.

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

A knock at the door

The day started off with a knock at the door. It was a woman who was walking her dog and noticed smoke coming out of my brothers truck. My brother and I ran out to the driveway to find smoke pouring out of the back of the truck. He opened the back door and pulled out a sheet that was covered in flames. As he ran to the backyard to grab the garden hose, I ran back inside and woke up Daniel telling him that their was a fire. It turns out a drop sheet was soaked in oil paint and spontaneously combusted. It was unreal.

As soon as the fire was out, we continued on the day as planned. My brother and his girlfriend were having a garage sale and they invited us to join in since we were coming out to their place anyways. After the garage sale, Daniel and my brother headed into the backyard and started building a bed frame from scratch that my brother had been talking about making for Bryce. My brother is a carpenter, amongst other trades, and makes beautiful pieces of furniture.

Despite moving on with our day, we couldn’t help but think about what could of happened if that woman wasn’t walking her dog and noticed the smoke.

So to the woman who was walking her dog and knocked on the door, if you’re by chance reading this, thank you!

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