As a mother, I will never give up on my child. As a mother of a child who has autism, I will never give up hope.
I look into his eyes and I see all the potential that he has to offer to this beautiful world and I just know that one day the world can see what I see.

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Sports Day

Today was Bryce’s Sports Day at school, and while he isn’t attending anymore, we could not miss this traditional and fun activity day! Each class was representing a creature of the sea, and Bryce’s class were the Great White Sharks and were asked to wear white. I found a white t-shirt for Bryce and drew a little cartoon shark on it and made a matching shirt for myself.

There were 5 stations set up for the event, including three-legged races and assorted relay races. Bryce was hesitant with a couple of the games, but after watching his peers, and joining in the cheering of his team, he started to get into the day more… and into blue Freezies! We had a blast!

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